What is Responsibility Coaching?

Responsibility Coaching assists you in creating your desired future by tapping into your hidden potential! Whether Coaching via Phone, Skype or in Person my intention is to deepen your self-understanding and enhance your success in business, relationships, and life! Responsibility Coaching is about maximizing your potential and finding a greater YOU TODAY! It’s about finding the LOVE of LIVING in the NOW, gaining clarity, believing in yourself, and turning your ideas into action. It’s about seeing opportunities when others see challenges and pursuing meaningful goals to bring you greater fulfillment. It’s not about comparing yourself to others. This is not just Life Coaching it’s Responsibility Coaching!

“The way he probes and inquires is a process like no other. Going through his process has empowered me to transform and progress in areas of my life that I could not have done without his coaching.” -M. Talat

So many of us are trapped by the world of  illusion(What we see). There is our inner world and there is our outer world, The Spirit and the Body, The Light and the Dark, Everything and Nothing or the Ying and the Yang. Each side, place, or positions has it’s purpose in our lives and provides us this rich and seemingly complex experience. What may seem to be complicated is made simple and plain in each session of Coaching.

  • In my marriage I have found myself complaining about my wife. It seemed like the more I complained the more things I got to complain about.
  • In my work I had a co-worker I really disliked. He would make mistake after mistake and I would point them all out, while he was preparing to take my position.
  • In my friendships I would constantly be taken advantage of. My friends would take and take and take. I’d wait and never be offered the same.
  • My life seems as if its going know where. I’m stuck!

“J. Cole Thomas has helped me to better understand life’s ups and downs and the reasons behind them.” – Vanessa Reed

What all these thoughts have in common is “I”. In order to find the answer to the problem of “I”, we must look to our inside world in order to gain under. Most of us look at the outside world of people and circumstances and work tirelessly to change things. You are the answer to the life you live. The better You are the better Life is.

Jesus said, “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” -Gospel of Thomas


 Top 10 Ways to make a Difference in Your Life

  • Set an inspiring goal
  • Believe in the power of NOW
  • Fuel change with a positive mindset
  • Face your fears and shadows
  • Be proactive in your choices
  • Focus on winning strategies
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Take actions that have a positive impact and energize you
  • Let Go of Negative Distractions
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